Kash on Healthcare

Kash watched his mother struggle and ultimately lose her battle with, cancer.  “It was devastating,” he says.  “She wasn’t able to find the right doctor.  Here in the greatest country in the world people are dying from diseases that don’t have to be a death sentence simply because of a mismatch with treatment.”

Kash believes that every American should have affordable health insurance and will support a prescription drug benefit to Medicare.  Kash will stand with his Democratic colleagues in support of coverage for pre-existing conditions, opposition to arbitrary insurer cancellation, and disapproval of privatizing or voucherizing Medicare.

Kash on Environment


Our children and their children deserve safe water to drink and clean air to breathe.  The public interest must come before the special interests who are polluting America. 

Kash will support and push for policies that protect clean air, clean water, and America’s other natural resources. 

Kash on Retirement Security


Seniors deserve a dignified retirement and shouldn’t have to worry about the cost of food, rent, or prescription drugs.  For over 75 years Social Security has been a source of economic security for hard working Americans and an unbreakable promise to our nation’s seniors.

Kash will fight to protect and strengthen Medicare and Social Security for all seniors. 

Kash on Employment


For most Americans real wages have remained stagnant for nearly four decades.  Congress can create millions of good-paying, full-time jobs by directly investing in our crumbling infrastructure. 

Kash will aggressively fight for a living wage for all Americans.

Kash on Veterans Issues


Returning to civilian life poses challenges for a great number of our nation’s veterans, including locating a new home, finding a new career path, re-establishing relationships with family and friends, and pursuing education.  For some combat injuries have led to physical handicaps, psychological issues, and substance abuse. 

Kash will work with the Department of Veterans Affairs, Disabled American Veterans, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and the American Legion to see that our veterans get the support they need to transition from active duty back to civilian life.