Kash on Employment

Meshal “Kash” Kashifalghita

Every hard working family should be able to buy a home, send their children to college, and save for retirement.  To accomplish this I will push for an increase in the federal minimum wage, to extend overtime pay, secure collective bargaining rights and the right to organize, protect workers from discrimination, and ensure equal pay for equal work.

We can secure good jobs for those who are eager to work if Congress will finally pass the infrastructure bill which has stalled for the last two administrations.  Congress can directly invest in rebuilding our crumbling highways, bridges, public buildings, watcher catchment areas and hydro-electric facilities which will create millions of good-paying, full-time jobs.

Local contractors will hire workers to do those jobs.  The workers will need vehicles, tools, meals, and work clothing.  Businesses that sell vehicles, tools, meals, and work clothing will need their own workers.  And all these workers will pay taxes.  It’s like priming a pump.  For every 1% increase in wages for the poor and middle class, the Gross National Product goes up a third of a percent.

I will aggressively fight for a living wage for all Americans.