Vision, Issues, & Values

Meshal “Kash” Kashifalghita

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The Issues

Kash on Education
Quality education should be accessible to all people.

Kash on Employment
Every working American deserves a living wage.  

Kash on the Environment
District 32 needs usage policies that strengthen protection for clean air and clean water, and other natural resources.

Kash on Healthcare
In the richest country on earth, no person should suffer because they cannot afford to see a doctor or pay for their medications.

Kash on Immigration
We need practical solutions for immigrants who follow our laws and work hard to become good tax paying citizens.

Kash on Nutrition
We need to secure food assistance to 700,000 of America’s most vulnerable children and the elderly.

Kash on Retirement Security
America needs to keep the promise of a dignified retirement to America’s seniors.

Kash on Veterans’ Issues
It’s not enough to say “Thanks for your service” when our veterans need to recover from combat injuries, physical handicaps, psychological issues, and substance abuse.

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