Kash on the Environment

Meshal “Kash” Kashifalghita

California is hotter and dryer than it used to be, and the wildfires which are becoming more pronounced in California are impacting people already struggling to breathe.  Additionally, California relies heavily on snowpack each winter to resupply streams and lakes.  Reduced winter storms and increased high temperatures make water a precious commodity.  This affects not only firefighting, but farming, and drinking water.

Safe water to drink and safe air to breathe are basic rights of all Americans and require our collective stewardship.  The public interest must come before the special interests who are polluting America.   Plus, protecting the environment can also help to create new high paying jobs in new efficient alternative energy sources and technologies.

I will push for usage policies that strengthen protection for clean air and clean water, and other natural resources, as well as preserving open spaces, developing sustainable communities, and holding polluters responsible.