Kash on Healthcare

Meshal “Kash” Kashifalghita

I watched my mother struggle and ultimately lose her battle with cancer.  Breast cancer will affect more than one out of every eight women.  That means one out of every eight families are affected, too.

There are so many cancers and other catastrophic diseases that affect American families like yours and mine, but under this president budgets for federal organizations such as the Center for Disease Control have been slashed, and lifesaving research is no longer being funded.  Here in the greatest country in the world people are dying from diseases that don’t have to be fatal simply because they can’t access the treatment they need.

America pays more for healthcare than every other nation in the world, which might be OK if we got BETTER healthcare, but we don’t and that needs to change.  The United States is the only developed nation in the world where many people have no health coverage.  My mother’s coverage limited the specialists she could see.  I will always wonder if my mother would still be with us her coverage had connected her with the cancer specialist or allowed her to participate in the right research.  This is why I believe every American should have affordable health care, and why I will with my Democratic colleagues in support of pre-existing condition coverage.  I will stand in opposition to arbitrary insurance cancellation and will press for negotiated drug prices for every federal health program.  And I will strongly fight the privatization of Medicaid and Medicare.