Kash on Retirement Security

Meshal “Kash” Kashifalghita

Social Security has been a source of economic security for hard working Americans for 85 years.  It’s an unbreakable promise to our seniors, and is currently keeping more than 22 million Americans out of poverty.

Retirement Savings Social Security Pension 401K IRA 3d Illustration[/caption]For 55 years Medicare has improved the health and longevity of Americans 65 and older by making access to health care a universal right.  I will push for expanded coverage of home and community-based care to give seniors the choice of being cared for in their own homes.

I believe when America makes a promise, America keeps that promise, and attempts to balance the budget on the backs of seniors is just wrong.  I oppose any efforts to slash funding for these vital social safety net programs.

Seniors shouldn’t have to worry about the cost of food, rent, or prescription drugs.  I will advocate for increasing Social Security benefits to keep up with the high cost of living, and strongly oppose using the Chained Consumer Price Index (CPI) to calculate cost-of-living adjustments (COLA) for Social Security Benefits.

Social Security is predicted to run short of funds by 2033, but there is a simple solution.  People currently earning $250,000, a full $1 million, or even $10 million per year only pay Social Security taxes on the first $132,000.  Eliminate the earnings cap and Social Security will be fully funded until at least 2092.

Protecting and strengthening Social Security and Medicare to preserve a dignified retirement for all Americans is one of my top priorities.